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2 Sep


So what’s the news today… can you read my nails??! i mean the newspaper??… what!!

Newspaper nails are cute and cool right?! When i first saw this i really think its cute and i was very amazed!(Like how did that happened) And i thought that it is so hard to make but when i saw a tutorial.. it’s just a piece of cake!!

Okay here’s just a quick tutorial of Newspaper nails. You will need…

White nail polish, Top Coat, Newspaper, Alcohol, Container.

  • First, paint your nails with the white nail polish as a base for the newspaper nail. And let it dry.
  • Next, when the base polish is completely dry.. put some alcohol to your container(you can just use the cover of the alcohol if you can’t find any). and dip the newspaper on the alcohol. Leave it for 5-10 seconds.
  • Then, take the newspaper soaked in alcohol and put it on the nails. Press it for 10-15 seconds so the ink/letters will be transfer to your nails.
  • Peel off the newspaper. If there’s remaining little pieces left of paper on the nails you can just clean it by using the alcohol, just gently rub it.
  • Lastly, put some top coat. And your done!!

(You can use any color just pick light color so that the letters are still readable. But mine i used white nail polish since its my first time doing it, and i think white will look more like a newspaper but you can use any color you want! And you can also use water if you don’t like alcohol because alcohol can dry our nails.)

Simple as that you can now have a newspaper art nail! Hope you enjoy trying this cute and cool nail art like i do! Hopefully this is helpful.


My Lookbook

1 Sep


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. – Rachel Zoe

We can tell who the person is by the way she/he dresses. I am a shy quiet girl and one thing i can express who i really am is through fashion.

I know most of you know Lookbook.nu., one of the biggest fashion website where you can find fashion inspiration to real people around the world. And i enjoy fashion more when i learned about Lookbook.nu not only because i can find inspiration from the looks of others but i also find people who i have the same interest. It so nice to find people who you can really relate with.

I only knew Lookbook last year (yes! 2011, so late right)!!! Now i really enjoy browsing on some cool looks and posting my own outfit looks on it. I’m just starting and don’t post everyday but hope you can take a look on my profile! And HYPE!! ūüôā

My Lookbook : http://lookbook.nu/rachelvenuse


Casual Boots

30 Aug

Living in a tropical country has a bad and good thing on it. Good thing is we have lots of beautiful beaches you gonna love to visit. We really don’t need to travel to other country just to lay around the sun and have a nice tan and have a refreshing water to enjoy! And we don’t need to worry freezing from the cold because of the snow…kidding! But the bad side on it we don’t get to wear come trendy clothes like leather jacket, scarf, etc.Actually we can still do wear them but wearing them on the right place and time. And we cannot do too much layering or else we will die being exhausted because of the heat!(exaggerating). Image

perfect clothes for our weather is cardigan, or any thin fabric clothes just like my top,shorts, leggings,etc.. and as for shoes we just can’t wear boots! Thank you to this shoes.ImageImage

And how i love the studs on it! ImageImage

Thanks to fashion.. there’s always new coming out and there’s a lot to choose from. You just need to know what style you want to wear!

Top(forever21), Shoes(Tutum at facebook), Bracelet(Mia Casa at facebook)



26 Aug


This outfit may not be enough as a Gangnam Style but would like to think of it like that!hehehe. Does anyone knows what GANGNAM STYLE is.. all i know is that it is a song a big hit from Korea because of its funny dance and the song is nice too sang by PSY. i kinda like dancing it when i feel like goofing around.


Gangnam style is a rich way of living. Gangnam style is used to reflect a party way of living that many young people experience.

maybe like upper east side style… anyway if you want to see the video i’m talking about here’s the link:¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0¬†Enjoy!

Top(Zara), shorts(StyleHub at facebook), Necklace(Holic Accessories at facebook), earring(bazaar), shoes(FashionCookie ShoeAvenue at facebook)

Because I’m a Girl

7 Jul


Corset- The Sparkle Shop Corset

Skirt- FashionCookie ShoeAvenue

“A Girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous”



23 Apr




top The Clothes for the Goddess, pants ZARA, shoes FashionCookie ShoeAvenue (http://www.facebook.com/cookiekux)

Sweet Morning to you all!! Colored pants are a big trend this season and what i loved about zara’s collection is that it is more of in pastel color. ¬†They have it in color pink, orange, yellow, red and this bubblegum blue color which i love. Don’t you just love how sweet my outfit!! With my floral top and beautiful white pump shoes!

LOOKBOOK.nu: http://lookbook.nu/rachelvenuse

In the name of love

17 Apr




Hype: http://lookbook.nu/rachelvenuse

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Korean Dress

Forever21 – necklace

Shoes РFashionCookie ShoeAvenue http://www.facebook.com/cookiekux