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Casual Boots

30 Aug

Living in a tropical country has a bad and good thing on it. Good thing is we have lots of beautiful beaches you gonna love to visit. We really don’t need to travel to other country just to lay around the sun and have a nice tan and have a refreshing water to enjoy! And we don’t need to worry freezing from the cold because of the snow…kidding! But the bad side on it we don’t get to wear come trendy clothes like leather jacket, scarf, etc.Actually we can still do wear them but wearing them on the right place and time. And we cannot do too much layering or else we will die being exhausted because of the heat!(exaggerating). Image

perfect clothes for our weather is cardigan, or any thin fabric clothes just like my top,shorts, leggings,etc.. and as for shoes we just can’t wear boots! Thank you to this shoes.ImageImage

And how i love the studs on it! ImageImage

Thanks to fashion.. there’s always new coming out and there’s a lot to choose from. You just need to know what style you want to wear!

Top(forever21), Shoes(Tutum at facebook), Bracelet(Mia Casa at facebook)